An Insight Look at New York City's Demand Response Strategy

Jun 29, 2017 12:59:39 PM by NuEnergen


On June 28th, Utility Dive published an article titled, “How New York City expects to save 75 MW this summer through demand response.” The article offers an inside look at the City of New York’s demand response strategy and the City’s partnership with NuEnergen. It is stated that “New York City has been developing its demand response program for years — just last summer it achieved 58 MW of reduced municipal load, bringing in about $10 million in revenue.”


Since the partnership began in 2013, NuEnergen has been managing demand response for the City of New York. Ever since, participation has increased to include almost 400 facilities and earned over $22 million, all while reducing energy consumption to the tune of 75 MW annually. Because the city has major environmental sustainability goals set – beginning with a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 – a major priority is to expand demand response throughout New York State. 


Congratulations to DCAS Assistant Commissioner Susan Cohen, Sergey Shabalin, Leonid Zolotarev, all participating agencies and DCAS management team; we are proud to be your demand response provider.


Correction from Utility Dive: This post has been updated to clarify quotes from Shabalin and correct the portion of city load with monitoring capabilities. It is up to 40%, not between 60% and 70%.


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