And the celebration continues... Earth Day with New York Presbyterian Hospital

May 13, 2016 12:11:05 PM by NuEnergen


New York Presbyterian Hospital is one of the nation's most reputable, academic health care delivery systems. The hospital has built its reputation based on its commitment to highest quality of service and compassionate care for it's patients. NYP's commitment to excellence does not end there. For "Earth Day", the hospital decided to host different events during the entire month throughout all of its health system campuses. From April 8th trough May 28th, service providers, organizations, employees and visitors have enjoyed the events in celebration of our delicate ecosystem.


NuEnergen  is honored to have been invited by  New York Presbyterian to participate in Earth Day celebrations and,   more importantly, to be one of the NYP service providers contributing to hospital's commitment to sustainability.


In partnership with NuEnergen, NYP is making sure their energy usage and bills are correct in benefit to the hospital and to the community it serves.


It was a wonderful afternoon for all those involved. From the entire team at NuEnergen, thank you for the invitation to be part of this event.


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