Canada, Mexico, and the United States Show Progress on North American Energy Collaboration

Jun 22, 2016 4:30:31 PM by NuEnergen


The 7th Clean Energy Ministerial and Inaugural Mission Innovation took place in San Francisco in early June. Honorable Jim Carr (Canada's Minister of Natural Resources), Pedro Joaquin Coldwell (Mexico's Secretary of Energy), and Dr. Ernest Moniz (United States Secretary of Energy) all showed their support and interest in mutual clean energy. The collective progress made to date by the three countries include  but are not limited to accelerating investments in clean energy research, launching the North American Renewable Integration Study, and identifying shared North American priorities for collaboration on clean energy innovation technology.


This work by Mexico, the United States and Canada will also support the upcoming North American Leader's Summit in Ottawa on June 29 and clearly shows their commitment to a shared vision of acelarating clean energy development to address climate and energy security. 


Business can contribute to these efforts by participating in programs like Demand Response as it represents a proven solution to create more efficient and reliable electricity networks.  Working together to advance clean growth by building on North America's strength as a global energy leader is essential as we transition towards a low carbon economy.


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 "I am pleased to see our three countries continue to make progress flowing the North American Energy Ministries Meeting hosted in Winnipeg in early Febraury. Our work to advance a continental approach to energy collaboration is an essensial building block as Canada prepares to host the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa"

Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources.


“We are enthusiastic to see how the progress in our trilateral energy cooperation translates into specific actions and results within the context of the CEM7 and Mission Innovation ministerial meetings in San Francisco, as key global mechanisms for the implementation of our clean energy and sustainability objectives. Mexico has highly benefited from CEM’s renewed platform since we hosted the ministerial in Merida last year, as part of the implementation of our energy reform and commitment for expanding clean technologies.”

Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Mexico’s Secretary of Energy


“Trilateral energy cooperation between the United States, Canada, and Mexico is crucial to advancing our energy security and growing low-carbon economies,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.  “Today’s announcement by the North American energy ministers demonstrates our collective support for CEM7 and Mission Innovation as tools to implement our countries’ commitments made in Paris to combat climate change by developing and deploying clean energy technologies.”

Dr. Ernest Moniz, United States Secretary of Energy