Earth Day should be all day every day… and the GSA really knows it.

May 2, 2016 4:00:46 PM by NuEnergen

FI5A7204.jpgOn April 20, NuEnergen had the pleasure to celebrate Earth Day 2016 with the GSA Region 2.

It was a day to celebrate and promote awareness of the delicate balance of the ecosystem while fostering good habits about consumption and conservation of resources. Region 2 also celebrated a major milestone with regard to participation in Demand Response with it's partner, NuEnergen. Since the inception of the program in 2011, total earnings to the GSA now exceed $1.6M, a number proudly displayed on a large check presented at 26 Federal Plaza by NuEnergen CEO Kevin Hamilton.


This check reflects the stellar participation of the GSA in Demand Response by reducing electrical energy usage during periods of high demand when the grid is stressed. In partnership with NuEnergen, the GSA has made tremendous progress with the participation of 17 different buildings across New York and New Jersey.

Members of the GSA in attendance during the ceremony included the Commissioner of Public Buildings Service Norman Dong and also Regional Administrator Denise Pease who reiterated the importance of Demand Response program, not only as a regular stream of income to the agency, but also as an inspiring action to the Federal buildings to become more energy sustainable as they help to avoid blackouts during peak use periods.


After the check presentation, all the attendees enjoyed a beautiful day of planting new trees and other activities and demonstrations by members of the community and local businesses. NuEnergen was also present at the Earth Day celebrations hosted in Albany on April 22 in recognition of that services center's contribution to this program.


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