February's Smart Energy Summit Could Have a Big Impact

Jan 12, 2016 1:15:00 PM by NuEnergen

Smart Energy SummitWhen it comes to the ever-changing global energy market, there's no time to waste on standing still. Although we saw many changes to the industry in 2015, savvy utilities, corporations, and experts aren't resting on their laurels. Instead, they're already looking ahead to the changes that are to come in 2016 and to best be prepared to embrace the road ahead. That's why the year is kicking off with Parks Associates' highly anticipated Smart Energy Summit. The event takes place February 22-24th in Austin, Texas and is sure to introduce new and exciting ideas to the industry.

For the past 7 years, Parks Associates has been hosting the Smart Energy Summit as a means of addressing important strategies for industry professionals including utilities, retailers, service providers, manufacturers, etc. to both expand and monetize their offerings. The focus of the 2016 summit is to accomplish these objectives in such a way that customers are engaged and encouraged to explore the market for smart and renewable energy solutions (ie: connected devices, energy management, utility services), that new business models are developed, and that unique partnerships can be established.  Read on to check out some of the highlights and anticipate industry changes and shifts towards consumer engagement in 2016.

2016's event will kick off with a Smart Energy Workshop. This workshop is designed to introduce industry professionals to the current trends in distributed generation, smart energy systems and equipment, energy management, the ability to segment energy consumers, energy marketing and consumer engagement, and more. This will truly set the tone for the summit, preparing attendees for all that lies ahead in the coming 12 months.

The first full day of the summit (Tuesday, 2/23) will be centered around electric utilities and the different paths available for delivering energy management. Here, attendees will take an up-close look at the ever-shifting role of utilities in the smart home, ways that energy management and delivery can continue to engage customers, and the convergence of energy management and distributed generation. This will all impact how those taking advantage of smart technologies and renewable energy sources will continue to interact with utilities in the upcoming year and beyond. In addition, Tuesday will explore energy usage data, the integration of smart products/consumer IoT into utilities, and the pros and cons of direct participation from energy platform providers in the energy market.

Wednesday the 24th will bring forth further discussions on how energy management, the smart home, and distributed generation should converge for maximum industry success. This will put a great deal of emphasis on smart technologies, solar, and the impact on IoT. The goal here is to educate utilities, service providers, and other professionals on the trends that are of most interest and benefit to consumers, and to enable them to work to the benefit of those consumers to ensure that they achieve maximum energy efficiency.

We're very excited to see what else develops during the Smart Energy Summit this year. Great changes are coming. To take advantage of all that this evolving energy market has to offer, team up with the experts at NuEnergen today.