GSA Totals More than $2.3 Million in Demand Response Revenue from NuEnergen

Jun 22, 2018 3:32:18 PM by NuEnergen

DSC_0076On April 26th, 2018, GSA Region 2 celebrated Earth Day with a $429,430.54 check from NuEnergen Energy Management and Consulting. This check was earned by GSA throughout the 2017 year for their enrollment in Demand Response programs in New York and New Jersey. These programs enable GSA property managers to reduce energy use at the enrolled buildings during peak high demand periods and help reduce the strain on the electric power grid to avoid blackouts and brownouts.


As the GSA’s Demand Response liaison, NuEnergen visits the various facilities, handles ongoing program enrollment, notifies the GSA of the need to shed load and ultimately pays the GSA twice annually in the summer and winter for participating.


The partnership between the GSA and NuEnergen began in 2010 with much accomplished and more than $2.3 Million earned over the past 8 years.


Notable highlights include: 

  • Participation has grown from 1 location in NYC to well over a dozen in multiple states and utility zones
  • Region 2 has become the largest DR participant in the GSA in terms of revenue
  • The GSA now participates in multiple DR programs in several states compared to one originally

 “GSA Region 2 is the leader across the entire GSA in terms of initiative and activity,” said Brett Wu, Sr. Client Services Manager, NuEnergen. When GSA began its partnership with NuEnergen in 2010, GSA had one building participating in the reduction of about 100 kilowatt hours of energy. Eight years later, the participation has grown exponentially, Wu said.


Improving energy sustainability is a key goal for GSA with federal buildings enrolled and more expected to be added. These enrollments benefit the taxpayer and the environment. By using the energy, we have more sustainably, we can all collectively avoid the costs associated with the construction of new power generation facilities. NuEnergen is proud to partner with GSA in this electric power reliability program to help the local area avoid blackouts and reduce its carbon footprint.