How Energy Auditors Can Save Industries Huge Sums of Money

Oct 22, 2015 11:30:00 AM by NuEnergen

energy auditingOne of the biggest problems to plague the world's enterprises is the availability and cost of energy. Every business needs to consume power on a daily basis just to remain in operation. Lighting, climate control, safety systems, computers, and manufacturing processes demand a lot of energy, and without these things, you simply wouldn't be able to run efficiently or effectively. Unfortunately, because so much power is required, industries suffer hefty energy bills. This is especially true when there's an energy shortage and prices go up.


If you think that "Big Brother" government is going to step in and save the day, think again. Although the government certainly wants its nation to thrive economically, it can't simply wave a magic wand and resolve all of the nation's energy problems overnight. This very issue was noted and dealt with in Hubballi several years ago. The state was struggling with scarcity of power and soaring prices, and its government simply wasn't doing enough to remedy the situation. A group of entrepreneurs, however, took the initiative to work with energy auditors and kicked off an energy-saving initiative of their own.

Industries + Energy Auditors = Money-Saving Energy Tactics

Since the initiative was launched, approximately 40 different industries have found success in following the energy-saving measures that were suggested by certified energy auditors. In fact, these enterprises are now using as much as 40 percent less energy than they were only 6-8 years ago.

How is this possible? According to the managing director of Shivashakti Argo Industries, energy auditors pointed out that old motors were consuming a great deal of power and needed to be replaced with more energy-efficient units. The business followed the auditors' suggestions and the connected load was subsequently reduced to 85HP from 160HP while the power demand was fixed at 110KVA as opposed to the previous load of 160 KVA. At the same time, this particular industry switched out wood powder for wood logs for the furnace. This is because logs contain moisture, which consumes more energy.

The director also stated that the business has begun to produce electricity via LPG and to generate hot gas between 700-800 degrees celsius. This is significant because the company's requirement is currently only 200 degrees, providing them with the opportunity to seek out technology which will enable the industry to make use of the remaining hot gas for further efficiency. When all of these tactics are combined, the enterprise is able to save a great deal of money while doing its part to promote a healthier, more energy-efficient environment.

Argo Industries isn't the only enterprise to reap the benefits of working with energy auditors, though. Prakash Yaraguppi is the mines manager of Doddannavar Brothers, which is a mine exporting company. He reported that before launching energy-saving initiatives, their load was 1237 KVA, whereas now the load has been reduced down to an impressive 730 KVA. The business also made a move towards capacitor installation, which has showed a lot of promise. The result is a major reduction in the amount spent each month.

The same positive results were achieved by industry after industry throughout the area. Because of this, knowledge about the power of energy auditing has exploded since 2006. Even so, more awareness is needed from industrialists across the globe. This would effectively bring balance to the supply and demand equation, even during shortages and periods of drought. And, of course, we'd all start saving a heck of a lot more money!

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