Demand Response: Generating Funds for University Sustainability and Energy Projects

Jan 25, 2017 11:04:21 AM by NuEnergen

ATRIUM.NIGHT.jpgDuring the month of January, SUNY New paltz published an article on how the university was awarded $1.4 million for sustainable energy projects in 2016. The article highlights programs the school implemented during the last year that yielded significant funding for campus energy projects, including Demand Response.


NuEnergen  has been managing Demand Response for SUNY New Paltz for over five years, helping to stabilize energy prices and prevent blackouts across the region.  “We are proud to participate in the coordination and implementation of the university’s sustainability efforts,” said Kevin Hamilton, NuEnergen President & CEO.  Year-round Demand Response programs, along with the other awarded projects, support long-term sustainability projects and responsible energy use on campus. “Congratulations to Brian Pine and the entire SUNY New Paltz Energy Management team”.


To learn more about how your organization may also benefit from Demand Response, visit us at  We will contact you to get you started in this lucrative program, while alleviating grid stress during peak energy demand periods.