Javits Center and NuEnergen Team Up for Sustainability

Jun 29, 2017 4:51:12 PM by NuEnergen

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The Javits Center released its sustainability report for 2016 detailing how the massive convention center manages its electricity. In the report, the Javits Center describes how NuEnergen continues to help them be as sustainable as possible and save money throughout the process through Enertrac and Demand Response.

Energy Dashboard – Enertrac

One of the key tools utilized to measure energy consumption is energy dashboards, of which the Javits Center employs two: New York Energy Manager (NYEM) and Enertrac, a NuEnergen platform.  Enertrac is unique in that the dashboard is constantly receiving information from the meters NuEnergen installs. The Enertrac Dashboard provides a complete integration of cost and energy usage, revealing the Javits Center’s consumption of electricity, water, and gas for a calendar year. Because this information is available so easily, daily consumption can be adjusted to reduce costs and improve sustainability. Part of NuEnergen’s services include providing a budget for cost and consumption for all utilities on the energy dashboard to the Javits Center.


Demand Response

The Javits Center is currently enrolled in three demand response programs, one of the fastest growing energy management services in New York. Demand Response programs help the customer reduce energy consumption when the electrical grid is experiencing too much demand and threatening a blackout. During these demand response events, the Javits Center performed excellently, at one point reducing its consumption 4,400kWh – offsetting an amount of power equivalent to 1% of the entire NYC load. NuEnergen currently counts the entire city-wide administration of New York City among its Demand Response clientele, with an emphasis on sustainability for hundreds of facilities. Last summer alone NuEnergen helped the city save millions of dollars while significantly cutting energy usage. The Javits Center reaps these same rewards through their participation in DR programs and using NuEnergen’s Enertrac.


Alan Steel, President and CEO of the Javits Center, states in his welcome letter “As a convention center, the Javits has a clear mission – to generate new businesses and create employment opportunities. As a sustainable convention center – our role is rather broader. We seek to achieve our primary goal while reducing the impact of the building and its operations on the community’s health and environment.” We applaud the commitment Javits has to be a Sustainable Convention Center. We are proud to be your Demand Response Service provider


The full report can be viewed here.


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