Javits Center: Cost Saving Through Energy Reduction

Aug 1, 2019 9:32:35 AM by NuEnergen

Javits Center2Since 2014, the Javits Center has been working with NuEnergen to participate in three distinct demand response programs. As a result, the Javits Center has generated more than $1.7MM in additional savings. 


The Javits Center is tied into an aging electrical grid, and it is imperative that every electrical customer reduces consumption during days where there is high electrical demand. Days of high demand are often during the summer cooling degree days when many consumers are using air conditioning. When the grid is under duress, it triggers a demand response event - a voluntary reduction of energy for which users are compensated for kWh reduced below their pre-determined enrollment goal. As a large facility, a minor reduction in consumption can have a major impact on grid power demand and lead to additional cost savings.

The Javits Center is enrolled in the New York Independent Systems Operator (NYISO) Program, the Con Edison Commercial Systems Release Program (CSRP) and the Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP). Careful analysis of enrollment levels for all three programs and careful real-time consumption monitoring through the Building Management System (BMS) has led to the success of the demand response program. Trained engineers follow a graphical depiction of consumption in comparison to the goal levels. When consumption rises, engineers manage mechanical systems through the BMS to operate at lower levels, subsequently using less energy and helping achieve enrollment goals. The savings from these demand response programs are then channeled into other sustainability programs at the Javits Center with no negative impact on their customers.


In the summer of 2018, the Javits Center became the largest generator of demand response revenue for a single event in New York State, saving approximately $530,000 – proving the profitability of such an energy conservation program.


In December 2019, the Javits Center will commission a 12.5 MW generator system, able to power the facility for six days – completely off the grid – in the event of an emergency. As a designated FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) building, it is essential to be able to provide shelter in an emergency situation, and this new system will allow the Javits Center to provide critical services as necessary.


Once the generators are commissioned, the Javits Center will be able to have a greater impact with greater savings, helping our neighbors through a reduced energy demand. Facility Management staff will work with NuEnergen on enrollment and oil pricing for the generators and market rate analysis of oil and commodities will optimize savings. With the new generators online, the Javits Center could become the largest single-building demand response generator in New York State.


Reference: Javits Center 2019 Sustainability Report