New York Citywide Awards Ceremony: How the city of New York celebrated its successful participation in Demand Response

Apr 20, 2017 9:48:46 AM by NuEnergen


On April 13, 2017, New York Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), celebrated its successful participation in Summer 2016 Demand Response programs. The awards were presented to the high-achievers of schools, museums and other city agencies, in recognition for their outstanding contribution to the "Citywide Demand Response Program". The City was also presented with a substantial check, by NuEnergen’s CEO, Kevin Hamilton.


In partnership with NuEnergen, the City of New York has achieved a highly successful energy curtailment program, positioning the City as one of the most successful Municipal Demand Response programs in the country.

The Importance of Demand Response

The benefits of participation in demand response programs extend far beyond the city limits, as it represents a solid, on-going revenue stream for the City. Demand Response funds are used for energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Every participating building contributed in positioning the City of New York as a leader in the nation for demand response program implementation.


The DCAS Citywide 2016 awards was an enthusiastic moment for all those involved. When it comes to Demand Response participation, other cities, municipalities and organizations in general could learn a lot from their example.


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From the entire NuEnergen team, we congratulate the city of New York. We are proud to be your Demand Response Service partner.


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