New York City Continues to Build Demand Response Energy Program

Apr 26, 2019 12:59:37 PM by NuEnergen

Metroplitan Museum of Art - Photo Credit iStockNuEnergen welcomes new Demand Response program participants, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the David K. Koch Theatre and several New York City public schools.


Together, the 26 new facilities boost the city’s Department of Citywide Administrative services participating locations to now nearly 500 sites where they will collectively curb energy use by 110 megawatts this summer should the power grid be stressed. The anticipated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is equivalent to the burning of 85,000 pounds of coal, DCAS said in an interview with AMNY.

“During a triggering event, the Met is slated to reduce its energy use by 100 kilowatts by turning off lighting in mechanical areas, two elevators, unused computers and electronics, water fountains in less frequented parts of the building as well as raising temperatures in office areas”, DCAS said.


In return, Con Ed and the New York Independent System Operator will compensate the city as incentive to limit power during peak periods. New York City government anticipates earning more than $14 million this year alone through participation in Demand Response programs as managed by NuEnergen.


DCAS Historical Sites Count