NuEnergen proudly participates in the NYC DOE Annual Demand Response Awards Ceremony

Jun 15, 2018 12:02:50 PM by NuEnergen

In April, NuEnergen proudly participated in the NYC Department of Education’s Annual Demand Response Awards Ceremony, celebrating the Agency’s participation in this important program.


Representatives from the Division of School Facilities and Department of Sustainability were there to speak and offer words of praise for the various facilities that participate in the program.  NuEnergen along with ConEdison spoke about the DR offerings in the City and provided updates on the impending summer season.


Custodial Engineers that performed exemplary for the DR calls were presented with plaques and substantial financial rewards that can be applied to their purchasing budgets for energy efficient and sustainable equipment.


These programs serve as a crucial line of defense to help maintain the Electric Grid in the City and provides a significant revenue stream for the DOE, exemplifying the collective efforts of a very large facility owner/operator within NYC.  We salute all the nominees and award winners at this ceremony!


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