Meet Nuenergen

Jun 22, 2016 4:03:59 PM by NuEnergen


And learn how we are successfully challenging Demand Response


The energy market is challenging. We pride ourselves to constantly look for new ways to maximize our client's participation in Demand Response programs while reducing the need for construction of new power plants.



Here's what we do differently:



Energy Management is what we do and we take it seriously.

Our interest in our clients does not end with a signed service agreement. It is in fact when our job begins. We get involved in our Client's Demand Response                 participation -A LOT-.  After designing the right curtailment protocol, we position our company as a collaborator, an ally to all of our clients, and lead hand in hand to maximize performance.
Our Promise is always the same.
What we promise during our negotiation with you, and what we deliver, will always be the same: Same standard, Same Results. We want our clients to be successful in their Demand Response  initiatives, and we feel responsible for that.
Our Team is our client's best resource.
Every NuEnergen employee is a key player for our client's customer service team. Our commitment to our client's  goals is the only and most important reason for our business. Our team of experts has our client's best interest in mind. 


These are the core values of NuEnergen. We strive to establish a great relationship with our clients while we work together to maximize our clients ROI. We guarantee that you will get the highest return for Demand Response with NuEnergen. We're that confident.



About NuEnergen

NuEnergen offers a complete suite of energy management and consulting for commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Our custom tailored services include: Demand Response, Utility Invoice Auditing, Smart Grid, Energy Sourcing and Risk Management. Trough these services, we help our clients to financially benefit from cost-effective, highly innovative alternatives to energy management and  facility's operations.


 NuEnergen provides demand response and energy management services throughout the US. For more information about NuEnergen and our energy management services, please visit