Sustainable CUNY Named Visionary of the Year 2017 by SEPA

Jul 11, 2017 1:49:56 PM by NuEnergen



On Tuesday, June 27 the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) announced the winners of its Power Player Awards, among them is Sustainable CUNY, which was named Visionary of the Year. These awards recognize companies and organizations making great strides to transform energy production and consumption in America. Sustainable CUNY, a program of the City University of New York, won the award thanks to the creation of the Smart Distributed Generation Hub.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Sustainable CUNY developed ‘the Hub’ to create a more well-distributed, more resilient energy system. This project has developed some resources to address the hurdles to installing solar technology in urban environments. The program allows New York to sustain its electrical grid in times of vulnerability and puts increased emphasis on energy storage. SEPA President and CEO Julio Hamm said, “The Smart DG Hub is a step toward transforming grid infrastructure to remain reliable during weather related and other threats,” before going on to stress that a clean energy future starts with projects like the Hub.


Sustainable CUNY boasts partnerships with New York State and City agencies, municipalities, and dozens of other organizations, including NuEnergen, all with the purpose of renewable technology, solar storage capability, and improved energy management to help combat climate change.  Tria Case, the University Director of Sustainability and Energy Conservation, also referenced the decision by CUNY’s Chancellor to pledge to uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement as part of the necessary steps the school is taking to create a clean energy future.


Congratulations to Sustainable CUNY for this great accomplishment.


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